Recommended Forex Broker 推荐外汇交易商

AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd     


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  1. 交易速度比从用香港服务器的经纪商那里得到的要快30%   
  2. 世界上最好的交易基础设施硬件,高达99.9997%的正常运行时间   
  3. 机构级的投行报价和深优质流动性   
  4. ECN(Pro)专业账户   
  5. 最佳的提供客户服务和投资者教育   
  6. 个人账户经理   
  7. 没有入金和出金手续费  


  1. 受ASIC & FCA 双重监管   
  2. 百分百隔离客户资金   
  3. 10年金融实力与安全性   
  4. 即时并安全的入金,出金

Download Axitrader Windows MT4 Terminal 下载 axi MT4 交易平台

AIMS 欧力集团


AIMS Advantages:   

  1. Clients investments & funds are held in segregated accounts  
  2. Secured funding & withdrwal methods  
  3. Reliable trading servers across the globe   
  4. 17 top-tier banks providing access to the deepest liquidity  
  5. Instant execution with no slippage & no re-quotes     

Licenses & Authorizations:   

  1. AIMS Australia is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (Reference Number: 430091)   
  2. AIMS Labuan is licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Reference Number: MB/17/0017)  
  3. AIMS Vanuatu is licensed by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (Reference Number: 14664)

Download AIMS Windows MT4 Terminal 下载 AIMS MT4 交易平台

Recommended VPS 推荐服务器

Dromatics Systems

  • High Performance 
  • Fully Redundant 
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Check website for more info
  • Contact Anthony Oh +65-9656.6945

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