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LS Fintech Venture Corporation Pte Ltd Brief Introduction

LS Fintech Venture Corporation Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2012 in Singapore. It's specialized in developing state-of-the-art Forex Automatic Trading Software which is also known as EA or Robot.

Our EA has remarkable trading result, achieving yearly average profit of 60% or more. Currently there are more than thousands of users using our EA.  

The current daily 24 hours forex trading volume in the world is about 6 trillions USD, which is more than 160 times of the US Stock market's trading volume! The advantages of forex trading are: there is huge supply & demand, easy to transact, quick money flow in & out, and  profitability could be more than 10 times as compared with other forms of investment. 

Our auto-trading EA could help investors to avoid tracking currency price movement by staring at the computer  currency charts and carrying out manual trading by themselves which could fail due to emotional stress, wrong timing etc.

This is the best way to let your spare money to work for you on autopilot!


乐胜金融科技创业集团有限公司是在2012年创立于新加坡。专业于开发以及销售高端全自动化外汇炒作智能软件,也称为EA 或者软件机械人(Robot)。软件炒作效果显著,每年平均获利率高达60%以上。目前软件使用者超过数千!



Brief introduction of EA 智能软件简介

High Success Rate Fully Automatic Forex Trading Software/EA/Robot 高成功率全自动外汇智能炒作软件

At our company, we turn the financial dreams of our clients into a reality. We work vigorously to ensure their trading success. We are committed to producing exceptional quality software for all of our clients.


Rigorous Testing 严格的测试

Once we have finished the initial development of our product, we begin performing meticulous optimization tests. After we are fully satisfied then we deliver the software to the market. 


Performance Guaranteed 性能保证

The world of forex trading methodlogy can be fast-paced and scary. That's why our goal is to provide high-quality product that aligns with our clients' needs. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our trading Robot and provide a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, subject to terms and conditions specified in the Purchase Form. 

外汇交易方法的世界可以是快节奏和可怕的。 这就是为什么我们的目标是提供符合客户需求的高品质产品。我们保证您会对我们的软件机械人感到满意。并提供60天的退款保证,但须根据购买表格中指定的条款和条件。

General Customers' Comments 客户一般的评论

China John Li 中国李先生

"If you're looking for a good forex trading EA, look no further than this company! My account has been performing well above 5% monthly profit for the past few months. I can't imagine using my previous own manual trading method which caused me huge losses due to emotion during trading!"

""如果你正在寻找一个好的外汇交易软件,除了这家公司就不必再找了! 过去几个月,我的账户每月盈利表现远远超过5%。我无法想象使用以前我自己的手动交易方法,它使我由于情感交易而导致巨大损失。“

Canada Wayne 加拿大迟先生

"This company provided me with very detailed information about its EA and shown proof of many clients' live accounts results. I'm opening accounts to trade live now!"


Singapore David So 新加坡苏先生

"The company has been very quick in responding to my query and solving my trading issues, which are not related to the EA. I'm so glad I went with them!"


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We would be glad to meet any interested parties, please feel free to contct us for a no-obligation discussion. 


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