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------- LS Double Dragon Super EA ------ 乐胜双龙超级外汇交易软件

LS Forexstar Perfect Super EA

Our 5th Generation fully automatic forex trading software. Entry based candle price action. Generate high trading volume EA. Yearly profit could be higher than 60%. Low risk if set according to our standard settings.


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EA Concept & Strategies

Currency movement are created by market supply and demand and there is no ways for traders to predict future price movement direction correctly.

Currency movement are created by market supply and demand and there is no ways for traders to predict future price movement direction correctly. No systems design based on indicators in the world could achieve very consistent good results and high trading success. Due to lack of definite success, therefore almost all trading systems in the world use stop loss strategies to cut their trading loss which usually ended up very unprofitable in the long run. From our research we found that stable currency pairs will move up and down in waves within a few hundreds to one thousands pips and the best way to trade successfully is to use averaging method to trade those pairs only.

The EA will automatically enter Buy (B) or Sell (S) positions based on our proprietary Candle Price Action algorithm. Assume a trading capital of USD1,000, the default settings of the parameter are: startlots=0.01lot, girdsize=200pips, multiplier=2, takeprofit(TP)=30pips, the EA will either enter a Buy or Sell start lot size of 0.01 lot. When price moves in our favour and hit the TP point, the EA will close the position automatically. If price moves in unfavourable opposite direction by 200pips, the EA will be triggered but will only to enter 1 more position of  0.01 lot in the next candle, and it'll re-calculate the combined TP of 30 pips for the 2 opened positions. If price still moves further away by another 200pips, the EA will add 1 more position by multiplying the 2nd position of 0.1 lot with a incremental factor of 2, in this case is 0.02 lots. Similarly, the EA will re-calculate the combined 30pips TP point for the 3 positions. This process will go on until the price eventually retrace and move back in the right direction and hit the combined Take Profit level. In extreme cases, it may open up to 5 to 10 positions but eventually all opened positions will be closed with good profit.

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Unique Design Could Handle Major Crashes

The EA, with proper Money Management EA settings, has been tested and proven to handle trading safely during major crashes such as BREXIT GBPUSD Crashed about 1750 pips on 2016.06.24, unknown reason Flashcrash 1100 pips of GBPUSD on 2016.10.07,  & USDCHF Crashed 2025 pips on 2015.01.15 when the Swiss Central Bank unpegged its CHF. 

Download screenshots to see how the EA handle the above-mentioned crashes

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